Printing Materials for Digital Laser Printers

We have DLP150 (150 micron) and DLP200 (200 micron), other thickness will also be available upon request.

  1. Our DLP150 & DLP200 are made up of white PET film. The advantages are:
    • High-heat resistant, 180c to 220c, ensuring laser papers would not melt inside the laser printers.
    • Excellent water resistant
    • Both side printable
    • Very durable
    • Ink will not be peeling off easily under water even rubbing it with fingers.
  1. These laser papers are good for the applications of gift card, name cards, menu, photo album and other customized print jobs for the purpose of long product life span.

  2. These laser papers are suitable for almost all laser printers such as Xerox I-gen series, Xerox 700, Konica, Minolta, Oki, Canon and Epson series.
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