Printing Materials for Silk Screen and
Inkjet Printing (Large Format Printing)

  • For large format printing and mass production printing, silk screen printing is the most competitive method of printing. Our synthetic papers are very good and commonly used for large format printing for the applications of screen posters, vertical buntings and horizontal banners.

  • Our synthetic papers are also very suitable for large format inkjet printing (with UV and Latex ink only) for the applications of posters, light-box posters, buntings and banners. It does not require special coating on our synthetic papers for UV ink and Latex ink, and therefore, our synthetic papers are very much cheaper than solvent-coated synthetic papers.
  1. Advantages:
    • Good water proof, tear resistance and durability. Suitable for indoor and outdoor
    • Excellent brightness and print solution
    • Easy to print
    • Excellent stiffness suitable for hanging with no curling
    • Very much cheaper than Solvent-coated synthetic paper

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